Rainy Lake Tribal Area Business & Financial Services Corporation.




Rainy Lake Tribal Area Business & Financial Services Corporation

Vision of the Corporation:

To improve the economy and quality of life of the Rainy Lake Tribal Area First Nations through the development of successful First Nation businesses operated by highly skilled First Nations people.

Mission of the Corporation:

To operate as an Aboriginal-owned and controlled organization in providing financing to First Nation businesses, as well as to deliver business support services, business planning services, and training and mentoring, while recognizing the challenges facing First Nations people in raising capital due to land tenure restrictions.

Background Information:

Pwi-di-goo-zing Ne-yaa-zhing Advisory Services (hereinafter referred to as “Advisory Services”) recognized that there were challenges facing many of its First Nations communities in making progress toward growing and maintaining a sustainable economic base. Studies conducted have shown that business success is largely dependent upon the development and implementation of a realistic and achievable business plan, as well as having access to sufficient funding sources and the necessary management skills to operate the business both sustainably and profitably.

In light of the challenges identified, the First Nations of the Rainy Lake Tribal Area established a financial and business services corporation to provide First Nation entrepreneurs with access to financing and expert business advice.

The “Rainy Lake Tribal Area Business and Financial Services Corporation” (hereinafter referred to as “the Corporation”) was established to provide access to its member First Nations with financing for business start-up or expansion, in addition to providing related support services in the areas of business planning and management skills development.  The Corporation was formally established in 2004, with the signing of the Articles of Incorporation in September 2004. It is a for-profit company that operates as a subsidiary of Advisory Services, with a mandate to deliver financial and professional business services to First Nation businesses.