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Business Support

Are you ready?

Do you have any business training?
Are you prepared to sacrifice time and money?
Can you survive the beginning of the business when the income is usually very little to none?
Do you have the location, equipment and resources necessary to start?

Type of Business

Do you know the structure type (Sole Proprietorship, Incorporated etc.)?
Regulations & Licensing?
Any other requirements?

Do you have a Business Plan?

Why is a business plan important?
What are the components of a business plan?
Need help writing your plan?
What else should I submit with my business plan?

Business Planning

The purpose of your business plan is to give you a guide to help assist you in developing a successful business. You will need to pay attention to how you manage, operate, finance, and market your business. This document helps you prepare a plan that will guide your day to day operations. A business plan will identify if any financial assistance is required, and will include a realistic financial plan that clearly shows the financial sustainability of the business. If the financial plan is not sustainable, then the business concept will have to be adjusted. This process helps to ensure that your business concept is feasible, and that you are not taking unnecessary risks.

ABDF Training and Mentoring Progam

The ABDF Training and Mentoring Program is designed to offer support to clientele in the form of entrepreneurial training and mentorship. The program is designed to enhance managerial skills or participants and is considered to be a crucial element in improving the likelihood of business success.
Clients undergoing this program can utilize it as in the form as their 15% equity
Topics covered in this program include;
Operational Planning.
Human Resource Training.
Managing people.
Tme & Stress Management.
Components of a business plan.

Sample Business Plans

We have a selection of original Business Plan examples. To see different samples, click on the Business Support - Samples page.