Rainy Lake Tribal Area Business & Financial Services Corporation.





In Order to be eligible, you must:
Have documented proof of Aboriginal ancestry.
Have the education/experience that would contribute to your collective business and management experience.
Include your personal financial information to have your ability to contribute capital and obtain commercial financing assessed.
Have evidence of sufficient personal financial resources to undertake the project you are proposing (a bank statement).
Include a resume that highlights experience, training and/or education related to your business activity.
Should be involved full-time with the proposed business in a management capacity.

Make sure to include the following:
Your evidence of Aboriginal heritage.
If you have an existing businesses, a copy of your most recent financial statements (up to three years if available) must be included.
Include any additional information that supports your proposal, such as business studies, market studies or relevant industry information.
Attach a copy of any partnership agreements or incorporation documents.

Submit your application to the ABCP office nearest you:

Rainy Lake Tribal Area Business and Financial Services Corporation
Fort Frances: (807) 274-8531
1455 Idylwild Dr., P.O. Box 522
Fort Frances, ON P9A 3M8

Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund
Thunder Bay: (800) 465-6821
710 Victoria Ave E
Thunder Bay, ON

Timmins: (800) 461-9858
9-251 Third Ave
Timmins, ON P4N 1E2

Wakenagun Community Futures Development Corporation
Moose Factory: (800) 989-4850
28 Amisk Street, P.O. Box 308
Moose Factory, ON P0L 1W0