Rainy Lake Tribal Area Business & Financial Services Corporation.




What We Are

Rainy Lake Tribal Area Business & Financial Services Corporation is an Aboriginal Financial Institution (AFI), a not for profit organization that provides access to our member First Nations with financing for Aboriginal owned businesses for start-up or expansion. We also provide related services in the areas of business support, planning, training and management skills development. Our service area includes all of Treaty #3 area First Nation members.The financial assistance in the form of loans may be made available to Aboriginal individuals and businesses provided that:

  • Loan funds are to be used to assist Aboriginal businesses that can clearly demonstrate in a well documented business plan hat the loan can be repaid;

  • The management team identified in the business plan has the experience and skills to manage all aspects of the business and its projected growth;

  • The loan will contribute, either directly or indirectly, to the economic growth and development of the Treaty #3 area;
  • The loan is not used for the purpose of re-financing existing indebtedness except when the refinancing is incidental to the main purpose of the loan and/or it improves the security position of the Corporation; and
  • The applicant has, or will have, a financial involvement in the project to a degree that is satisfactory to the Corporation, considering the applicant’s own financial position, funding requirements of the project, and assessed risk of the investment.

Vision: To improve the economy and quality of life of the Rainy Lake Tribal Area First Nations through the development of successful First Nation businesses operated by highly skilled First Nation people.

Mission: To operate as an Aboriginal-owned and controlled organization in providing financing to First Nation businesses, as well as to deliver business support services, business planning services, and training and mentoring, while recognizing the challenges facing First Nations people in raising capital due to land tenure restrictions.